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California Hearts Book 1 $10.00

ANYTHING BUT LOVE, California Hearts, Book 2

ANYTHING BUT LOVE, California Hearts, Book 2



She was looking for adventure, but following in love was never part of the plan.


Known as the anything but love girl, Morgan Hart has two passions, traveling and having fun. After convincing her French lover, Marcel, that their relationship will resume unchanged when she returns, she’s ready to begin her Cape Town adventure. But, realizing that her friend Amber is a no-show at the airport, Morgan decides to travel solo until she falls into the lap of widowed single father Dakar Ngosi, whose good looks and charm have her questioning her resolve to live life unattached and carefree.


Dr. Ngosi is beyond annoyed when a seemingly inebriated Morgan slumps down beside him in the airport lounge, where he’s waiting with his sister for their flight. When his sister volunteers him to show the lovely American the sites of their country, his irritation grows. Still, he soon discovers that Morgan is as enticing as she is beautiful. He must decide if he'll stick to his vow to never love again or pursue the American woman who has captured his heart.

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