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What's Your Story?

There are some basic questions that all aspiring authors need to ask themselves, beginning with what is it that I want to write? Do you feel that you have led a particularly fascinating or challenging life and that your story would be of interest to others? If so, you might want to explore that idea further. For example, do you want to pen an autobiography, in which you lay out most of your life, possibly from the time you were a child? Some people carve out unique periods of their personal history to put down on paper and share with the world.

Perhaps your goal is something altogether different. Do you have a vivid imagination and feel that you would be better suited to writing about characters that you create? If you’ve decide to write stories, what kind will they be: suspense, murder, speculative, science fiction, children’s book, young adult, paranormal, dystopian? You have a lot of choices and may not know where to begin. I suggest you start with the genre that you most enjoy reading because that will increase the likelihood of your being motivated for the long journey ahead. Within each genre, there are subgenres. For example, my book Orange Blossoms—Love Blooms, is a contemporary romance. My previous book was a historical romance, which took place at the turn of the twentieth century. Some might describe it as a mainstream fiction with romantic elements. Other authors write romance that takes place in previous centuries or in the future.

Nonfiction is yet another option. Do you have a passion to share information about politics, the environment, food, exercise or travel? It’s up to you, but first things first, what is it you want to share?

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