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What I've Been Reading

Along Came Love

Tracey Livesay

This novel initially reads like a combination of Romeo and Juliet with a heavy dose of Cinderella thrown in the mix. I’m sure that you are familiar with  the usual boy meets girl from the other side of the tracks scenario. The  man happens to be rich, but not necessarily happy.  However, the plot quickly becomes much more complex and subsequently satisfying. 

India Shaw  is a free spirited woman who doesn’t like to be tied down and wants to keep all of her options open. Michael Black is a responsible technology executive who strives to make all of the right choices in his life.  

The sparks fly between the two of them and neither of them will ever be the same again. Mike and  India have very complicated lives and extended families that add a richness and texture to this unpredictable story. I bought this book on a Friday and finished reading it before the weekend was over.  Why? Because I couldn’t put it down.  It kept me turning the pages, as I followed the plot twists and turns. Along Came Love reminded me that sometimes, you can’t predict the person who will end up being the major love of your  life.

Livesay beautifully created multidimensional characters from diverse backgrounds that reflect the rich tapestry of the world that we inhabit. 



Available on Amazon. Like many of you, I read a lot of books.  This is one that I read about two months ago, but the words continue to resonant long after I closed the book.Allen’s characters  have their own unique gifts and challenges, just like the rest of us.  Within the unfolding elements of the story, I saw a reflection of the struggles we each experience in accepting the complexities of living  our own authentic lives.But, there’s magic in this book and the supernatural events are interwoven into the seasons of the year, which is why, as fall is now upon us, I remembered First Frost and the spell it cast on me.Packard has written an engrossing coming of age story that evolve’s around seventeen-year old Lily Harris. I was immediately hooked into the plot, as Lily struggles with family issues, community, belonging a finding true love.  The mystical world of the book has an enchanting quality, as do the main characters which include Lily’s grandmother and the handsome Aidan, who accompanies her on her quest.  I’m looking forward to the sequel of this compelling love story.


Highlight of this month was definitely having the opportunity to meet historical romance author Beverly Jenkins at the Ripped Bodice Bookstore in Culver City, California.  She was warm and gracious.  It was obvious that she genuinely appreciates her fans.  She gave me a couple of things to think about in terms of my own work and really the work that defines us all as writers.  This is not a quote, however she said something to the effect that all writing is political.  Just allow that thought to simmer for awhile before negating the possibility that it’s true. The other  question she had me asking myself was, would the romance genre have more status if more men were doing the writing?  Whose work does get valued most in our society?  Just another thought to ponder.  Anyway, I was surprised to find out that Beverly does not plot out her novels in advance.  But this engaging woman sure knows her American history and how to tell a story.

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