My writing and publishing adventure began when I was 8 years old. Mrs. Jones, my third and fourth-grade teacher at Emerson Elementary School had the class write short stories and poems which she then mailed to our local newspaper, The Oakland Tribune.  Those were my first published stories.

Since that time, I have never stopped writing and reading, learning and growing to love the world that words create.

I'd love to hear about your first writing or reading adventures. You can submit the form below or write to me at dalia@daliadupris.com.

California Heart Book 2

Morgan was happy with Marcel, her French lover, and a fellow teacher. She wasn't interested in the South African doctor she met on vacation, and he wasn't interested in falling in love with an American woman, again. Then why couldn't she stop thinking of him and why couldn't he resume his regular routine after their chance encounter at the Los Angeles Airport, where she literally fell into his l.  Life has a way of turning your world upside down when you least expect it.

California Heart Book 1

Elaine Hart and David Cole weren't looking for love, but it found them anyway, in spite of the fact that her ex-boyfriend won't get the message that they are done and David's ex-wife insists that she'll never let him go.

Beach Read

Rebecca decides to take  a second chance on a first love when she returns to her Southern California hometown  But will she be able to overcome the heartache of learning that her ex-boyfriend has moved on with a woman who was once her bestfriend?

Two Romance Anthropology

A Whirl With My Mocha Chocolate Swirl is one of two novellas included in this anthology about small towns, first loves, and new beginnings. This book is one of over thirty-five books in the One Scoop or Two novella series.

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